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Accessories and functions that can be a must for your projects.

While working in a project, sometimes you will need to use more than lights or lamps. In these cases, 3elamp can assist you in providing the accessories and functions that your project requires and ensure that match with our lamps or luminaries measures and options.


Here we introduce you just some examples.


Base adaptors


The lamp that delivers the light you are looking for do not fit in your relamping fixtures? Why do not try to look for a base adaptaor that solves the problem without expensive labour time costing processes? Sometimes problems have so easy solutions like use these unexpensive adaptors.


Available almost for every logical combination you can imagine.

Lamp holders and fixtures


A classical problem in a MR16 or CARDAN/AR111 relamping project is that the fixture have not enough space for the lamp you want to use.


In these cases our suggestion is to have an integrated solution (a whole light specially designed for LED). But, if for aesthetical reasons, because you have stock of lamps or for easy replacement you want a ceiling ring holder, CARDAN or any other kind of fixture we can provide it also. Different models, different colours, different finishing, different.... our Purchasing Department will find whatever you need.

Drivers and Power Supplies


Power supplies and drivers are one the most important components of the LED lamps and lights. We can customize these items as per your requirements: do you need it dimmable? DALI? perhaps IP65 is requiered? high PF?


The advantage of working with a manufacturer as 3elamp is that the final product can perform exactly as your project requires.

Emergency Lighting


We can provide emergency signaling lights and include emergency lighting functions to almost every one of our lighting systems.


Just let us know what are are the requirements for your project and our Engenieer Depatment will define the right solution for you.

Explosion Proof Lights and Torches


Provide the right technology for hazardous environments lighting is also one of our missions.


We can provide Ex lights and torches and we have several models with ATEX certification.

Photovoltaic or wind power systems


Do you need to power on your lights autonomously?


We can supply autonomous photovoltaic or wind power systems. Just connect the cables, wait several hours (to charge the battery) and the light will be on with schedule and intensity that you are programmed.

Global Cases

Bank Headquarters in Europe
Oil Refinery in China
Paddle Court in Europe
Japan Fishing Area
Mine in South Africa
Metro Station in Europe

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