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We deeply believe that our contribution to the Wealth and Welfare of our stakeholders and our own must be founded on Integrity, Commitment and Effort.

Company Profile

3elamp is a division of Crimson Tag Ltd, a privately held company headquartered in Hong Kong with factory in mainland China. It is a high-tech green illumination enterprise specialized in LED indoor and outdoor lighting for more than 5 years, with production facilities occupying 4.000m2 in Dongguan-Chang’an. 3elamp uses advanced equipment for production, R & D and inspection from home and abroad. With experienced engineers and their professional technology and continuing research, 3elamp products meet CE and ROHS compliance.

Registered Office:

R2008, 20/F, Fortress Tower

250 King’s Road




Jinfeng Industrial Park

Songlin West Road

Chang'an Town, Dongguan


523850 PRC


3elamp was founded, as a division, in 2008 and since then we have developed an extensive portfolio of solutions that have allowed us to tackle all kinds of projects, whether environmental or functional lighting, indoor or outdoor, residential, hospitality, commercial or industrial. At present, 3elamp products include LED Spotlight, LED PL, LED Tube, LED Downlight, LED Bulb and LED Luminaries (LED High Bay, LED Panel Light, LED Pendant Light, LED Floodlight, etc.) all of which boast the best technical options available in every moment.


The management and R+D are commanded by a mixed team of Chinese-European professionals and engineers, and the factory average workforce that has been on the production lines during the dragon’s year have been 74,7 people/day, providing products (under our own brand or as OEM producer) to customers all over the world.


With continuous quality improvement and the ability to respond to market demands quickly, 3elamp has grown into the market prevalent position in LED lighting home and abroad. Currently, we export our products to all continents.


Our sales team takes care of each order and ensures that the technical characteristics of the Production Orders match exactly with customer's requirements. Personalizing the packaging, labelling and overall image is also undertaken with a sole interlocutor from the sales team for OEM production, avoiding misunderstandings and providing a unique experience for our clients.


Knowledge and experience, that converges in our Technical Development and Quality Departments, are the foundation of our growth and product quality.


Recently we have integrated the production of several injection components that allow us to provide appropriate functionality to the different needs that we identify in the market.

Our Commitment with a Greenest World

We are committed in providing adequate lighting for each function with the less possible consumption and the highest quality through constant innovation and the addition of the latest technological advances.


Electroluminescence, which is the base of the LED and was discovered in 1907, has gained applications thanks to technological development and cheaper production costs of the diodes that are based on.

In 3elamp we manufacture and distribute a range of LED lamps and lights that converts in efficient facilities that are not, without changing luminaries or providing new ones. Technical Development Department and factories both are located in Guangdong Province (China) and our quality standards far exceed all the requirements of international requirements.

Our commitment is to offer solutions adapted to every need, incorporating the latest innovations to our products and projects. We always try our solutions to adapt to the existing luminaries pursuing a minimal cost of replacement of former lighting.

Some studies are giving, as average, values of energy consumption attributed to lighting from 10% to 70% of the total electricity bill:







3elamp solutions offer, from the very beginning, noticeable results that can achieve savings of up to 80%.

Behind 3elamp lamps and lights

To produce a LED lamp (or luminaire) means to wisely combine an excelent light source, a good heat dissipation system and reliable electronic able to drive the current allowing the LED to light without flickering and a long life performance.

In each application we select the best LED manufacturers in the world in order to ensure the best performance of our lamps: Cree, Bridgelux, Epistar, Sharp, LG, Samsung...


For low power LED we prefer to use SMD (Surface Mount Soldering) LED (that provide better thermal regulation, high maintenance of lumen and good brightness to decline only about 3% in 1.000 h) than DIP LED (although at first are brighter, DIP LED luminance's decays quickly, losing till 15% of its initial value in the first 1.000 h). The other reason for using SMD LED is that the SMD can be solded by machines with more reliable standard quality.

LED have high efficiency when comparing the watt consumption needed to emit a certain radiance, they are not from a purely physical point of view because, depending on the type of diode, between 50% and 90 % of energy can become dissipated as heat within the LED itself. It is evident the importance of helping dissipate this heat because if the LED is subjected to excessive temperature continuously, will cause an acceleration in the reduction of light output (which is added to that caused by aging in the optic elements and materials semiconductor) and therefore, a perceptible change of colour (especially in white LED) and, ultimately, a decrease in its lifespan.


Must be noted that this heat, unlike what happens with incandescent lamps, is generated in the opposite light’s direction. Since the LED must bot be submited to temperatures above 120º, this heat must be managed properly using a good heat dissipation system that keeps the LED lifespan.


To avoid so negative effects, LED lamps have to be constructed in selected materials to ensure that, depending on the number of LED and the amount of heat that will release, that heat is dissipated correctly and optimize life lamp (so when the characteristics of the lamp require it, we use aluminium or magnesium and specially grooved areas to increase the area of dissipation, combined with cooper heat pipes and breathable membranes).

We use the most reliable LED drivers existing in the market. We chose the best cost/efective driver for each light or lamp, working together with the technical departments of our suppliers and Its performance is tested carefully by our technicians before the mass production is approved.


Knowing the versatility that LED lights have, we offer dimmable driver options able to be controlled by any standard system: 1~10VDC, PWM signal, resistance, DALI, etc.

The people from 3elamp are who really add the value for you. Always pursuing the perfection. Always trying to go a little bit further. Our commitment is with the millions of people that everyday enjoy a greenest world under our lighting. We hard work for all them.

Global Cases

Bank Headquarters in Europe
Oil Refinery in China
Paddle Court in Europe
Japan Fishing Area
Mine in South Africa
Metro Station in Europe

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