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2g7, 2g10 & 2g11 - Twin Tubes




BA15d - AR70/Bayonet Lamps





E14 - Candles




E27 & E40 - Bulbs





G10q - Circular Tubes





G13 - T8/T10Tubes





G23 & G24 - PL Lamps






G53 & GX8.5 - AR111 Lamps






GX4.0 & GX5.3 - MR16 Lamps





GU10 - MR16 Lamps





R7s - Linear Halogen Lamps



New PAR 30 and PAR 38 Series 100

The new PAR 30 and PAR38 LED lamps in the Series 100 are provided with active cooling for better performance and long durability of its CREE XPG chips.


With 30W and 60W of LED power respectively, are the more suitable for relamping your fixtures or replace them also with our track light holders specially designed for these two lamps.

Product Reference: E27-100-PAR30x127-30W-30-CRE

Product Reference: E27-100-PAR38x143-60W-35-CRE

Track Holders available for PAR30 and PAR38 series 100

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